Founded by Alan Burgess, he was one of the creators of UK’s first PVCu sash window companies in 1984. Not long after, he started marketing his own sash windows to other window companies as well as bespoke windows supplied to independent installers.

Masterframe is committed to retaining the elegance of traditional windows but with modern functionality to keep up with the times. Their sash windows are on the higher end of the price spectrum, but they promise that they deliver quality and value for money.

How do I contact Masterframe?

You can:

  • Call them at 01376 510410
  • Visit them at Masterframe Windows Limited, 4 Crittall Road, Witham, Essex, CM8 3DR

Send an email to:

Submit an online form at for further enquiries

Masterframe Reviews

Individual clients, window companies and installers alike have high praise for Masterframe’s elegant yet functional sash windows. Their windows are commonly made from PVCu materials that are easy to maintain and clean.

How to complain to Masterframe

Complaints can be sent to their email address, through their online form or via their customer service hotline at 01376 510410.

Masterframe windows – what are the best choices?

Masterframe has four collections of sash windows: the Classic, Authentic, Heritage and Vintage Collections. The Classic Collection is still on top of client’s favourites for its wide range of finishes and colours as well as affordability.

Which Masterframe windows are the most popular?

The Classic Collection of Masterframe’s sash windows are most popular with homeowners as well as builders and window companies.

Masterframe windows problems and issues

Masterframe only offers sash-type windows of varied designs. If you are looking for other types other than sash, you cannot find them at Masterframe.

How long do Masterframe windows last?

There is no definite lifespan that Masterframe has set for their sash windows, but an estimate of up to twenty years, or even more, if they are properly cared for as well as the natural circumstances that contribute to their condition, such as changing weather.

How much does a Masterframe window cost?

Each window is tailor made for each homeowner, so to put a price on their product is not appropriate for everyone. You must speak to one of their staff to be quoted a price.

How do I order from Masterframe?

The website does not have instructions on how to order, just several contact points that you can peruse to be quoted for the required window fitting.

Why go with Masterframe?

With 30 years of dedicated expertise in sash windows, you will never go wrong with Masterframe. Sash windows look sophisticated, are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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