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Since 1991, Griffin Windows have been focusing on the improvement of property with their cutting-edge products which include doors, conservatories, windows and roofing. When they started, they only employed 12 people which, in estimation, produced 250 frames per week.

Now, they operate in four sites with over 400 employees where they complete over 7,000 frames per week. The company was acquired by MASCO Corporation back in 2001 for further investment which established increased capacity to provide a wider range of products and extensive services to increased numbers of customers.

What products/services are Griffin Windows known for?

Griffin Windows is the first company to have provided glazed conservatories and they’re living up to that still. Their conservatories offer a wide range of design features built in as standard. Not only do their conservatories offer extreme features, they also finish with a beautiful and sophisticated touch.

Their glass extension is primarily part of the more famous products that they offer. Backed by a Duraflex profile and an excellent WER rating, you can be sure that choosing Griffin Windows for your extension does not only give you quality, but energy efficiency as well.

Customer reviews and testimonials

Griffin Windows prioritise their customers by providing utmost care and support. They will be with you from the time of your initial enquiry to the moment of installation. They will also be around for after sales and installation advice. Their employees and fitters are friendly and approachable but above all remain highly professional when it comes to interaction with customers.

This is what their customers liked about them and for two decades, they never fail on delivering quality customer service and satisfaction. To add to that, their customers also noted the fact that Griffin Windows accepts orders online. This is hassle-free especially if you’ve set an appointment with their fitters for your renovation.

What are the available finance or payment options?

For the finance plans, you would need to contact Griffin Windows directly. They see to it that they provide tailor-made suggestions to their clients with regard to products and payment methods. You can contact them by utilizing their contact form on the website at Alternatively, you can phone them at (01443) 777333.

How can I contact Griffin Windows?

You can phone them at (01443) 777333 or fax them (01443) 776773. Alternatively, you can utilize the call back feature on their website at You need to provide all relevant information asked for to successfully schedule a call back from Griffin Windows.

You can also visit them at:

Griffin Windows

Unit 37

Abergorki Industrial Estate


Mid Glamoram

CF426 6DL

They offer Safechoice, what is that?

SafeChoice works hand-in-hand with Griffin Windows in the installation and production of doors, windows, and conservatories all over the UK. Considered as the “best buy” for business success, they ensure that all products supplied are guaranteed.

Do their products contribute to the environment?

If you’re part of the demographic who wishes to acquire products and materials which make least impact on the environment, then Griffin Windows is made for you. All their products are compliant with the European legislation and has been proven safe and environment-friendly.

Griffin Windows, together with other Masco companies, is looking forward to provide satisfaction to them, their customers and of course create less impact on the environment. Their PVCu windows are at the top in recycling consumer waste, and they are committed to ensuring that all that is manufactured and supplied through them are of high quality.

Where can I complain about Griffin Windows?

You can phone them through their direct number at (01443) 777333 if you have complaints or concerns that you want to raise about Griffin Windows and their products or services. Phone them for a prompt response but if you’re looking to document everything that has happened, you can utilize the email feature in their website at

Is Griffin Windows recommendable?

Griffin Windows is the leading manufacturer of glazed conservatories in the UK and in fact, they’re the first to have offered this product. Manned with highly-skilled and professional team, worrying about your replacement, renovation or installation is a thing of the past.

Their customer service is also 100 percent with you even after the installation is completed. They’ve been expanding and innovating since the company started trading and that alone is a clear indication that Griffin Windows is a company that you can trust.

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