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The company was founded by four people, David Turnbull, David Coates, Allen Gasper, and Mark Worthy. Scandinavian Windows is the first company to promote triple-glazing and to place it as the standard glass format of Europe. They provide services in the whole of Northern Europe; they provide high-quality products with superb design and reliable features which proves to be safer, quieter and a lot more efficient than those of double-glazing.

Overall, the Scandinavian Windows company ensures that their clients get the services they need from enquiry to work completion to customer support and care after installation.

How can I get in touch with Scandinavian Windows?

You can contact them by dialing their telephone number: (0808) 281 2454 or Alternatively, you can visit them at:

Scandinavian Windows
19 Sandmere Rd, Sunderland SR2 9TP
0808 281 2454

What are the most popular windows of Scandinavian Windows?

Since Scandinavian Windows is known for promoting the standard use of triple-glazing, all of their products assure customers that security and versatility are the two things they care most about. That being said, they’re most known for their casement windows. Their multi-cavity frames with energy efficient windows in every side, protection from rain, snow and wind is made possible. Equipped with different case colours and shapes, it doesn’t let you down in terms of aesthetic design.

What are the best window choices to go for in Scandinavian Windows?

Since they’re known for triple-glazing, all windows are recommended. Moreover, Scandinavian’s casement windows would effortlessly catch the eye. With more than a dozen colours to choose from, they’re definitely hard to miss.

In addition to their casement windows, they also offer tilt and turn windows which are of quite a sophisticated design. Still triple-glazed, the windows are tough and flexible enough to withstand most weather phenomena. Even their frames attain energy ratings that lead the market.

Scandinavian Windows Reviews

If you’ll look at their website,, different feedback and reactions point out that the Scandinavian brand made them more comfortable in terms of living space. Moreover, a lot of them reported a difference in terms of reduced sound penetration and absorption when they’ve started utilizing the triple-glazed units that Scandinavian Windows is offering.

Why Scandinavian Windows is the brand I will recommend

Since 1978, Scandinavian Windows has been consistent in their “triple glazing as a standard” strap line. Until now, it’s still what they’re holding onto – feedback and results from their customers are generally positive which can be taken as proof that having triple-glazed glass is better for privacy, peace of mind, and of course style.

Although style is not the main thing of Scandinavian Windows, it ensures that customers get the protection and privacy they want by finishing their houses with triple-glazed, energy efficient windows.

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