Brit Home Improvements Limited

A company based in London which focuses on addressing what the customer’s needs are. Their services do not only include selling windows, doors and conservatories – they also provide secondary glazing, roof extensions and more!

They specialize in touching all aspects at once – from style to protection to saving energy in each and every customer’s home. In addition to that, they also have a team of highly-experienced and professional individuals to ensure that you get the best out of their products and services.

How can I contact Brit Windows?

You can find them at their main office and location at:


Brit Home Improvements Limited

The MIlle
1000 Great West Road
Brentford London TW8 9DW


Contact them by calling them on: (0333) 7720 009 or you can visit their Contact Us section at:

What is the most popular window type of Brit Windows?

Although Brit Windows is known for their flexibility and that they offer a wide variety of products, their vertical sliders are one of the most bought and popular windows. Their vertical sliders offer a combination of security and elegance through enhanced composition and mechanism of their products. These vertical sliders offer premium efficiency, comfort, and style all at the same time.

What features do Brit Windows’ products have?

Brit Windows make it to a point to ensure that their products get the same type of ideal features. Their products contain Window Energy Ratings, Weatherseal Gaskets, Foils and maximum security. Although their glass is not continually layered, the composition of their glass is at its maximum level.

Are there Brit Windows reviews?

Although the company’s young, they’ve received positive and reliable feedback from customers. Not only that they were happy because of the elegance and transparency the brand gives, they’re also positive about the products of Brit Windows because they contain features that are relevant to security and confidentiality.

Why I would recommend Brit Windows to other people?

Their products and services are not limited to just windows and glass – they also offer services like home extensions, conservatories and property renovation. Setting up your home or your establishment with Brit Windows does not only give you the peace of mind that your home will transform and have an elegant look but of course also ensures that you are maximizing energy efficiency and you’re keeping your space at its best.

If you’re trying to find the perfect brand you will trust with your home, Brit Windows is the one to bet on. They focus on answering their customers’ needs and provide sophistication and security at the same time.

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Brit Home Improvements Limited, The MIlle 1000 Great West Road, Brentford, London, TW8 9DW

(0333) 7720 009

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