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Anglian Home Improvements has been in business for 50 years, and over that time they have had more than a million clients. The company proudly boasts that all of their products are made in Britain. They have a team of expert craftsmen that manufacture custom-fit windows and doors according to client specifications.

They have double, triple and secondary glazed windows of various types, so there is a host of choices for their clients. And since their products are manufactured locally, turnaround time is a lot shorter.

How do I contact Anglian Home Improvements?

Anglian Home Improvements Reviews

Besides quality products and instalments, customers have high praises with Anglian’s sales representatives. They have satisfied customers’ enquiries and were able to provide them with the right information needed.

How to complain to Anglian Home Improvements

Existing customers can call this hotline number for enquiries and complaints: 0800 988 9398. Their customer care email is

Anglian Home Improvements windows – what are the best choices?

There are various materials, styles and glazing options that customers have with Anglian. Each home is different from another in terms of window requirement. Your sales representative will help you pick out the best type of window for your home.

Which Anglian Home Improvements windows are the most popular?

uPVC is among the most popular window materials. They are not only durable and energy efficient, they also provide elegance and a modern look to the home.

Anglian Home Improvements windows problems and issues

Condensation is the most common window issues that homeowners in the UK can experience. Insulated homes tend to develop window condensation if proper steps are not taken.

How long do Anglian Home Improvements windows last?

uPVC and other types of windows materials are designed to last for a long time, so with proper cleaning and maintenance and favourable weather condition for the majority of the time, your windows will last you for decades.

How much does an Anglian Home Improvements window cost?

Anglian’s windows are bespoke, so the cost of windows in a similar property may be different from yours. Your windows will be custom fitted, the cost of which will be driven by the size and fit etc.

How do I order from Anglian Home Improvements?

The website does not indicate an order page; you can give them a call on their customer service hotline to order your windows.

Why go with Anglian Home Improvements?

Anglian Home Improvements has the best windows and other home improvement products you can find in the UK. With their 50 plus years in the industry, the quality of their products and installation is incomparable.

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